Why Aquaponics?

• Fresh Organic Food, Everyday

Steve's Aquaponics System

Steve’s Aquaponics System

• Self-sufficient, Locally Grown
• Sustainable
• Environmentally Friendly
• Aquaponic Food Tastes Great
• Is Nutrient Dense,
• Lasts Longer in the ‘Fridge
• Can Grow Protein, Produce,
Herbs & Flowers
• Tremendous Productivity –
Quicker, Bigger Harvests

Aquaponics Flowers

Aquaponics Flowers

• No Digging
• No Tilling
• No Weeding
• No Chemicals
• No Pesticides
• No Herbicides

• Convenient,
• Space and Labor Efficient
• Can Plant & Harvest at Table-top Height
(Wheelchair Accessible)

Maggies Farm Aquaponics

Maggies Farm Aquaponics

• Very Low Water Use

• Low Energy Use, Can be Solar Powered

• Scalable: Table-top to Commercial Sizes

• Relocatable/Portable

• Can Be Operated
in a Backyard,
on a Roof Top,
on a Parking Lot,
on a Hill-side,
or on Rural Acreage, or
• Year-round in a Greenhouse or
• Indoors with Grow Lights

Manzo Elementary School Aquaponics System

Manzo Elementary School Aquaponics System

• Easy for Beginners,
No Experience Required

• Fun, Simple, Educational

• Kids Love It!


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